“…I located myself in a put that I’ve never been. A place that I believed I’d hardly ever be. There’s people wanting again at me.” The Avett Brothers 

The pandemic disrupted the art world in tricky and prolonged lasting strategies, as galleries ended up shuttered, museums rethought strategies in which to have interaction viewers in new strategies that provided social distancing and art by appointment, and digital exhibitions turned an unexpected norm.

That disruption trickled down to the alternative areas as perfectly. The espresso retailers, taverns, restaurants, and other community venues that typically presented up place and time to screen the work of neighborhood artists modified their protocol. Between them was Groundwork, an open up co-operating place in downtown New Bedford that regularly shown artwork in their foyer and adjoining hall.  

And now, as the pandemic reset button has been strike, Groundwork offers its first exhibition in several months.

“Character” is a series of combined media is effective by Little Compton, Rhode Island-dependent artist Mark Gleicher. It is largely an exhibition devoid  of ego or self-centeredness as in lots of of the is effective, Gleicher has engaged participation in the creation of function from other artists, including Jason Greenspan and Jay Boutin, and his have younger daughter, Lily.

Mixed Media On Found Board With Jay Boutin

The collaborative is effective are seamless in that there is minor indication where by the hand of 1 artist stops and the following commences, except in “The Mad Lion.” It is the only titled operate in the exhibition, and the title is scribbled throughout in what could possibly be the penmanship of a minimal female, but even that would be presumptive.

Mixed Media On Board Framed

”The Mad Lion” depicts a ferocious beast with curving teeth and anything that may possibly be a pink tongue or a burst of flame, as if it ended up portion dragon. A lot of the area is unpainted, revealing the swirly grained pattern of plywood, which- towards all odds- works as a formalist ingredient and as element of the narrative, as it implies the African savanna in the qualifications.

The plywood of “The Mad Lion” is the highbar for components, as Gleicher has an affinity for decidedly non-important supplies such asparticle board, crinkled paper, and repurposed cardboard. Considerably like the invisibility of the collaborations, the constant use of significantly less than pristine substrates shifts the concentrate to issue.

Mixed Media On Particle Board

 In a geared up assertion, Gleicher refers to the offered overall body of function, collectively identified as “Character,”  as taking on a topic that signifies “a darkish, psychedelic glimpse into our lives.” 

According to Gleicher, the figures that populate the display- a motley collection of animals, men and women, and aliens are uniquely aware of lifetime and death. He does not assume the figures to quickly give hope to the viewer, but alternatively to offer “a kind of reprieve from all the bodyweight by having on the activity of experience feelings.”

Mixed Media On Particle Board With Lily Gleicher

In a collaborative get the job done by Gleicher and Boutin, an androgynous figure, donning a hoodie, calmly stares off into area. The figure appears to be both of those of the minute and everlasting, the embodiment of wisdom.

A do the job on crumpled paper capabilities a younger woman, practically nothing but head, shoulders and the scooping neckline of her shirt. She resonates with a palpable sadness. And however she is ringed by a glowing yellow halo, as if she were a contemporary Virgin Mary.

The Mad Lion

An additional do the job functions a man who seems to have had two fingertips lobbed off, a single on just about every hand, who sits calmly listening to the tips of the tiny fowl perched on his shoulder.

There is a Basquiat-like portrait of a person with the spiky gelled pink hair of an previous school punk rocker or probably with a crown, but whether or not the crown belongs to a king or to Jughead stays a mystery.

Untitled Mixed Media Work

Gleicher and his collaborators have place up an participating exhibition that indicates something about shifting personalities. Moods shift, codes swap. There are public faces and solution identities. There are animal familiars, avatars, outdoors bravado, within voices…they are the manifestations of the figures, usually in flux. Like all of us.

Untitled Work On Paper

“Characters” is on display screen at Groundwork, 1213 Acquire St., New Bedford, for the duration of usual company several hours. Use the Maxwell Road entrance.