What is born in your thoughts through relaxation? In what environment do you aspiration about desires? For artist and intuitive Mary Evans, it is the moon around a bed wrapped in flowered vines and clouds that incorporate the moon, the stars and all those long gone by.

“She’s our resident mystic,” Eugene Present-day Artwork member Vicki Krohn Amorose claimed. 

Evans and Amorose are two of seven artists featured in “Architecture of Dreams,” now up through Saturday, Aug. 21 at ECA’s ANTI-AESTHETIC gallery. The group exhibition draws on surrealism as a mode of artmaking in response to day-to-day daily life. ECA curators Amorose, Jill R. Baker and Noelle Herceg challenged artists to replicate on individual dreamscapes (irrespective of whether asleep or in waking reverie) to create artworks arising from the unconscious — surrealism’s realm.