When I was a kid, I went to the cinema a good deal with my mom, a fellow film lover. On the other hand, thanks to my altering to a far more time consuming task and us moving a distance away from a community cinema, there was a interval in the early 90s exactly where I didn’t move foot in a cinema for decades. That all transformed in 1994 with the release of author/director Roland Emmerich and co-writer/producer Dean Devlin’s sci-fi blockbuster Stargate. Not only was it the very first film I noticed in cinemas all over again soon after my hiatus, but I loved it so a great deal that I went back again and saw it 3 moments (one particular of those people with my mom).

Of training course, that would be the past time Stargate was to be found on the huge screen. As a substitute of the normal route of a shock hit movie acquiring a sequel churned out just about quickly, MGM rather resolved to do a delicate reboot/sequel Tv set sequence. And even though beloved the subsequent exhibit, Stargate SG1 and it’s spinoffs dearly (my affection is perfectly-documented on this web page), I would have presented anything for a lot more big screen Stargate adventures.

Properly, in accordance to Devlin, not only ended up there intended to be more, but they had been going to be “wild”. Chatting on Gateworld’s Dial the Gate podcast (via SyFy), Devlin discovered that he and Emmerich experienced initially prepared to make this a movie trilogy. Next on from the Egyptian focused 1st film, the very first sequel would have tackled how aliens interacted with the historical Mayans, an additional culture known for their pyramids (which was proven in the initially film to be landing platforms for alien ships).

[T]right here was heading to be three main addresses. And that’s why we wanted the nine [chevrons]… We experienced big plans for it, but we in no way bought to examine it … There are two various locations on Earth that are well known for pyramids. And 1 was an Egyptian, and our next was heading to be a Mayan culture.

I unquestionably love the thought of a Mayan-centric Stargate movie just for the potential imagery as effectively as the pantheon of gods that could be tapped into listed here. As admirers of SG1 will know even though, this was a notion which truly got explored in the Tv collection with the likes of Zipacna (a still-mysterious Kevin Durand), the Goa’uld being who in Mayan tradition was regarded as a demon. The Tollan, a extremely superior race of humans encountered by the SG1 crew, had been also descendants of Earth’s historical Mayans.

So sure, a Stargate sequel targeted on Mayan tradition seems like it could have been excellent. Even so, where things get… exciting even though is wherever Devlin and Emmerich prepared to get the story for their trilogy capper. Not content to just emphasis on pyramids anymore, they required to change their scope to encompass… nicely, almost everything!

And then the 3rd was heading to tie in practically each and every mystery that we have ever experienced on Earth. Regardless of whether it was Bigfoot, or the Yeti — we were being heading to tie all the things collectively into a bigger mythology. And it was going to be so a lot pleasurable. It was heading to be so wild. But we never bought to go there. We by no means acquired to discover it.

Yeaaaaaaah, I’m not so certain about this 1. Bigfoot or the Yeti? Nah, I’m neat. This “kitchen sink” approach appears a little bit also bonkers even for me. And viewing as Emmerich and Devlin are surely not filmmakers acknowledged for their calculated storytelling, I have doubts they would be equipped to cram “every thriller we’ve ever had on Earth” into a movie devoid of it having truly silly.


And observing just how horrible Independence Working day: Resurgence, the sequel to the duo’s other 1990s sci-fi blockbuster strike, Independence Working day, turned out when they tried out to extend the scope massively there, I’m type of happy we did not go the very same route with Stargate. As for the long run of the franchise, Emmerich and Devlin’s options to reboot it on the massive monitor have fallen apart in excess of the final number of a long time, but it seems to be like we’re close to having some thing important going on on Television yet again. Hopefully with out Bigfoot.

Final Updated: November 1, 2020